3 Secrets to Pay off Debt Faster (Even Over the Holidays!)

Join us for a happy hour where we're sharing what worked best for us to pay off debt and what you can do to avoid our mistakes!

Sunday, October 17th @ 6 PM ET

Can't make it live? Don't worry! Everyone who registers gets the replay on October 18th!

In this happy hour you'll learn:

  • One HUGE misconception everyone has about paying off debt.
  • How to stop "yo-yo dieting" with your debt-payoff.
  • The biggest asset you can have to, not just pay off debt, but reach financial independence.


Sunday, October 17th @ 6 PM ET

Join Us Live!

Everyone who registers will get 48 hours to access the replay but there's a special bonus for those who join us live!

Join us live October 17th, at 6 pm EST and you'll get our Debt-Free Christmas Planner FOR FREE!

Learning is Better With Friends

We don't know about you but we do our best learning through hearing other people's stories and experiences. (And if you listen to Frugal Friends you might too!)

Join us as we share our experiences and what it takes to sustain a multi-year financial goal like paying off debt or reaching financial independence.

This Training is a Must-Attend if...

  • You're just starting out on your debt-free journey and looking for any and all tips on how to make this work for you.
  • You paid off some debt in 2021 but you've either gotten off track and you need something to re-motivate you or the end just feels so far away.
  • You've got BIG savings goals and you need all the information and support you can get to achieve them.

A Personal Invitation...

Hey there! We're Jen & Jill.

We're the hosts of the top-rated Frugal Friends Podcast.

Between us, we've paid off over $118,000 of debt and built close to a $1 million net worth. We're passionate about helping others find ways to pay off debt faster and experience the financial freedom we enjoy now.

This brand new live training (with a twist!) is a culmination of everything we've learned in the last six years of paying off debt ourselves, interviewing others who've paid off debt-free, and hearing our own listener's debt payoff successes.

If you're committed to making 2021 the year you get serious about your debt payoff, we can't wait to slash that learning curve and help you do it more efficiently.

All our best,

Jen & Jill

Sunday, October 17th @ 6 PM ET

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